My son asked one Saturday afternoon, if we could make butter. I’m always up for a food challenge, and interested to try new things, so I looked up a recipe online. 
This was my pick of the butter recipes – I loved the descriptions, and great ideas. One of the best tips (although my son didn’t want to try it this time) was to add a tablespoon of honey part way through the mixing process, which would add a hint of sweetness.
The butter was very fresh tasting, and although I am sure it would have a long shelf life, it didn’t last the hour at our house!

16 ounces of heavy cream
1/2 teaspoon salt

In a stand mixer bowl, combine cream and salt. Mix on high for around 3 minutes (it will look like whipped cream, then will turn yellow and resemble crumbly scrambled eggs).
After this step, keep beating for a few more seconds, you will see a liquid separate from the solids, which is buttermilk. Stop mixing.
Move the butter and bowl to the sink. Fill the bowl with cold water. Squeeze the butter into a ball until you see the water run clear. This means it is free of all buttermilk.
Place your butter on parchment paper, or on a small dish.

Recipe adapted from 5280 The Denver Magazine