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Everyone in my family loved this – even my oldest son who tends to look at any new food with suspicion. He peered at it closely and poked it a bit with his fork – once his initial examination was done he tried a bite, then finished his entire piece, then asked for another.
We had planned to pick out our christmas tree then go out for dinner, but it was such a drizzly, miserable evening, we decided to postpone.
Since I was cooking for an event the next day, while attempting to develop an award winning cocktail, I thought I might as well cook my family a bit of dinner too.
Not bad for a dinner thrown together at the very last second.


12 ounces of turkey bacon
1 1/2 cups cheddar cheese
1/2 cup fontina cheese
1 onion
1 potato
6 eggs
Heat oven to 350F. Butter a 9 inch pie plate.
Cut bacon into pieces, fry until well cooked and crisp, set aside.
Grate cheese and peel and finely chop onion. Peel and grate potato.
In a large bowl, beat eggs. Add bacon, cheese, onion and potato, stir.
Pour mixture into prepared dish, and bake for 35 to 40 minutes, or until eggs are cooked.
Recipe adapted from The Arkansas Democrat Gazette, December 2005