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While walking on the treadmill in our basement one morning, I finished reading Daniel Boulud’s captivating book “Letters to a Young Chef”, and was delighted to discover some of his favorite recipes following the experienced thoughts and advice. However, after further examination, although I wanted to sample and savor each and every dish, they were all too time consuming and complicated for me to attempt. But, while finishing up my hour of exercise, I also had time to read through a magazine or two, and found some recipes that were more easily accomplished and suitable for my time and skill level. I can’t wait to eventually make it to one of Chef Boulud’s restaurants and enjoy his dishes, but in the meantime, there are Roasted Radishes.


roasted radishes

Heat oven to 400F. On a baking sheet, toss watermelon radishes, trimmed and sliced into 1/4 inch rounds, with olive oil. Spread in a single layer and roast until radishes begin to shrink and edges brown slightly, 8 to 10 minutes. Sprinkle with flaky sea salt and serve.


Recipe adapted from Oprah Magazine, November 2014