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I recently heard about an incredible summer camp being offered – a “unique, hands-on craft chocolate class” – where kids get to experience the entire chocolate making process, from bean to bar to belly.

kamp kyya chocolate

– a special edition Kamp Kyya Chocolate bar

The Kyya Chocolate Factory is located on the corner of Hwy 112 and Elm Springs Road, in Elm Springs. It is filled with the aroma of warm, rich chocolate, and all the equipment needed to turn a cacao bean into a beautifully packaged bar of chocolate, including the wonderful family and staff behind this exceptional enterprise.

I was fortunate and excited to experience part of the program that the kids will participate in during the 4 days of Kamp Kyya (http://www.kyyachocolate.com), and it was a lot of delicious, fascinating, educational fun and yumminess!

kamp kyya mold– a freshly minted mold waiting to be filled with delicious Kyya Chocolate

The Kamp runs through July – to register or to find out more information, call 1-844-281-4470 or e-mail classes@kyyachocolate.com
kamp kyya packaging
– a chocolate bar awaiting packaging