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My husband and I were fortunate and thankful to have a night in New Orleans, right after Thanksgiving and right before his High School reunion. We diverged slightly from our yearly tradition at Fairfield Bay, leaving after our family Thanksgiving dinner and driving past the lines already in place for Black Friday sales, to spend the evening at home.

Early the next morning, our wonderful sitter arrived, and before our kids were even awake, my husband and I started our journey toward Louisiana. Stopping in Mississippi for lunch, we made it to the Lower Garden District in New Orleans in time for dinner, and discovered many fabulous restaurants I hadn’t realized were in this vibrant city, making for a sensationally delicious evening.

preparing dinner 2

– watching food being prepared from behind the bar at Square

apple radish salad

– Apple Radish Salad with sour apple puree, roasted radish, lemon grass lotus crisp, black brioche croutons and meyer lemon thyme vinaigrette

fois gras– Terrine of Foie Gras with persimmon glaze, chrysanthemum and grapefruit shallot jam

After this absolutely incredible experience, we walked down to The Tasting Room, an intimate and inviting wine lounge, where we enjoyed a glass of wine and a lovely cheese board.

the tasting room

– outside The Tasting Room, on Magazine Street in New Orleans

cheese board– the lovely wine, and cheese board we shared at The Tasting Room

A little further down the street we found Coquette, another astoundingly creative establishment.

farro piccolo– Farro Piccolo, hogs head, duck liver, frisee, shiitakes

smoked pork gumbo– Smoked Pork Gumbo, soft boiled egg, crispy pig ear