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Fabulous summer meal – fresh, locally grown corn and Paprika Chicken hot off the grill!!


paprika chicken

6 tablespoons plain yogurt

3 cloves garlic, crushed

3 tablespoons ground paprika

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 tablespoon hot chile paste

1 pinch cayenne pepper

8 pieces of chicken


1/4 cup olive oil

2 tablespoons sherry vinegar

1 tablespoon ketchup

1/4 teaspoon hot chile paste

1 pinch paprika

salt and pepper to taste

Whisk together yogurt, garlic, 3 tablespoons paprika, 2 tablespoons olive oil, 1 tablespoon hot chile paste and cayenne pepper in a large bowl.

Mix in chicken pieces and toss to coat. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and marinate in the refrigerator for 3 hours.

Heat outdoor grill to medium-high heat and lightly oil the grate.

Remove chicken from the bag and transfer to a plate or baking sheet lined with paper towels. Pat chicken dry, season with salt and pepper.

Combine 1/4 cup olive oil, sherry vinegar, ketchup, 1/8 teaspoon hot chile paste, pinch paprika, salt and pepper in a small bowl. Set aside.

Grill chicken, skin side down, for 4 minutes with the lid closed. Turn chicken and grill with the lid closed until well-browned and meat is no longer pink in the center, about 6 minutes.

Spoon sherry vinegar mixture over cooked chicken and serve.


Recipe adapted from The Dining Guide, May 2016